Personal Name (alias)

Personal names (or aliases) allow UConn faculty, staff, and students to create personalized e-mail addresses in addition to the name originally assigned to them by the University.

Typically these Personal Names are a variant of your name (e.g., or, but you may create any name that uses valid address characters. E-mail aliases are not case sensitive and can be entered in lowercase, uppercase, or a combination of the two. Valid alias submissions will be automatically implemented.

The Personal Name points to your registered address, which is the email address of your mail server account and where your email is delivered. End users cannot change their registered address. These are assigned by ITS. If you need to change this for some reason, contact the Help Center.

If a Personal Name has already been assigned to a staff member, it will not be available until six months after that person leaves the University. If a Personal Name has been assigned to a student, that name is unavailable. Personal Names cannot be reserved.

All Personal Names are subject to review at any time for appropriateness and applicability. There will be no advance notice of any review. Any Personal Name that is found to be in violation of institutional policy or contrary to prevailing community standards or that is misleading will be unilaterally revoked by ITS. Subsequent to removal, you will receive an email notification. ITS will refer incidents to designated institutional offices when needed or required.

How to Create and Manage Personal Names

Faculty, staff, and students are able to manage their UConn email addresses and related information by accessing Personal Name Account Administration using their NetID and password.


Departments should submit E-mail Alias Requests form.