Account & Password Overview

Accounts and passwords may vary depending on the system you are trying to access. Some systems use the same account format as the NetID but the passwords may be different. If the password is changed in one system, it may not be changed in another.

Encryption Logins and the Homepage server may have different passwords depending on how they were setup. If you change your “NetID” password, you are not necessarily changing your Encryption or Homepage Server password.

NetID is used for several University services such as Student Administration, HuskyCT, Exchange, OneCard, and the Wireless Network. Click on theĀ go button to link to the appropriate system function or information.

Find/Request Account System Login Change Password Forgot Password Security Questions
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Student Administation
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FacultyWare (UDI) Go Go Go
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*Some Homepage accounts have been created using the NetID & password as logon credentials. If your Homepage logon ID is not your NetID use the link above.